The Founder

Tavonia Evans

Today’s blockchains have the ability to work seamlessly with each other and across different platforms. This capability makes it easier to grow, innovate, and use them. I am thrilled that Guapcoin is embracing the future of finance by joining this technology trend.

Guapcoin has evolved from a mere cryptocurrency to a community action platform, with a mission to bridge not only the technology gap but also the financial gap that affects us in America and beyond. I firmly believe that the greatest unifier of a people is its currency, which is why I set out to unify the diaspora with an actual currency.

Along the way, we’ve faced challenges and celebrated triumphs, but our biggest triumph to date is that we’re still standing. And now, with the introduction of the Guapcoin X Chain, we will stand even more solid, poised to make an even greater impact in our community and beyond. I couldn’t be prouder of the progress we’ve made and the journey we’re on, and I’m grateful for every member of this incredible community who has helped us get this far. Together, we will continue to build a better, more equitable financial future for all.


Tavonia Evans

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